Sunday, August 16, 2015

Twizzlers and Crayons

A couple of months ago I was shown a photograph of a fabric print and asked to do some design work including that print.  I realized I had no way of knowing how large the motif actually was because I had nothing in the photo to compare it with.  I went back to the manufacturer and they resent me the picture with a ruler laying on the fabric.   In this art class we talked about using "comparison" as a model to let the viewer know how large/small something actually is.  I had a package of Twizzlers Candy  and let the kids eat part of it.  I also told them we were going to draw the portion they had remaining.   I talked a bit about things that we all know the size of for sure.  For example, money...  placing a penny next to something is a pretty good indicator something's real size.  We decided everyone knew the real size of a crayon.  By placing a crayon next to their candy they could compare the size remaining candy to the size of the crayon.  Each student could draw the candy/crayon any size they wanted.  The crayon and the candy just had to be in proportion to each other in thickness and length.  They could finish the study by coloring it, using pencil or pen.  Here are their results.  I think they did a really great job understanding the concept and completing accurate drawings.

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