Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sun painted t-shirts

Arts students are busy creating sun painted t-shirts.  We are using a product from Dharma Trading (check out their website) called Set-a-color.  We spread our damp t-shirts out on cardboard covered with plastic bags.   I mixed paint in water bottles with holes in the caps.  Kids squirted it onto the shirts and spread paint around with their hands. Earlier we had gathered leaves, cut out patterns from heavy card stock and planned the layouts of our designs on our shirts.  After the shirts were painted we pinned on our shapes and left them in the sun to dry. 


Rinsed shirts drying on the line.  Wow!
This was a cool idea.  Suzette cut out of  her shirt and tied it together across the bottom creating a tote bag.
 Judith, Alexis, Jocelyn and Ashley
Proud of the shirts?  I guess!

Natalie and David