Friday, August 23, 2013

Kitsap County Fair 2013

It's Kitsap County Fair time!!!!  The kids did fantastic and I'm so proud of them I can hardly stand it.  Everyone got ribbons and there were several special awards.... and... yes....  one of the students received a Best in Show!    How cool is that?!  

Nice going, Audrey

 Cool, Emma!

 Nice job, Emma!

 superb job, Emma!  This pic is one of my favorites.
Easy to see why the judges thought it was worthy of the "Special Rosettes"

 Nice job, Kalina

 Amazing pastel, Kalina.... easy to see why the judges loved it
 Beautiful job, Marissa!  You really deserved these awards. A white dog with a "black" pencil is the very hardest thing you can do!

 Really nice job, Natalie!  You worked hard and it shows.

 Nice going, Suzette!
Best in Show
Suzette... Oh my gosh!  This was so well earned!

Great job, Suzette!