Monday, December 22, 2014

Glowing Lights

It's the last class before Christmas and the kids created these wonderful glowing lights.  We had been talking about the importance of contrast and this project was a perfect example.  I found the lesson on Pinterest... search "draw Christmas Lights"...

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Each year my students create designs for Christmas cards.  While it's always a great opportunity for them to create it also gives me a chance to "sneak in" a little lesson about the business of art.  I set up the each card on my computer and print a test copy for the kids to review and sign off on.  They have to sign and title their work.   I have them check for spelling errors, reversed images, off center, etc.  They sign and date it to verify they've seen it and agree it's ready to publish.  We talk about whether they're selling their design, selling cards, copyrights, how to figure out what to charge.  Some of my students as young as eight so this isn't a really long conversation, but it introduces them to some things to think about if they want to sell their artwork.  Enjoy their designs as well as their titles... 
"Flight of the Cardinal"

"Kitten Claus"

"Charlie Brown Christmas"

"Olaf Hits the Beach"

"Happy Kris Moose"

"Oh, deer"

"Home Sweet Home"

"Tree Lighting"

"Maneki Neko"

"It's Not a Silent Night, It's a Dark Knight"

"Holiday Season"