Monday, July 15, 2013

Creative You Summer Camp

This past week was Creative You Summer Camp through 4H.  Kids spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday exploring several types of fabric dyeing including, ice dyeing with ice cubes and powdered Rit Dye; tie dyeing t-shirts and socks;  Sun painting with Setacolor by Pebeo;  wool felting with needles and rocks.  After fabric had been created we added extra embellishments.  On Thursday and Friday the girls used their fabric and sewing machines to create clothing and accessories.  It was a great week!!!  If any of this looks like so much fun you'd like to try it visit the Rit Dye website for great instructions and projects.  Search the internet for "ice dyeing" for lots of interesting ideas.  The paint we used for the sun dyeing is available online at  It's called Setacolor.  Visit the spinners and weavers in the sheep barn at the Kitsap County Fair (August 21 thru 25, 2013) for more information about felting. ...or...hey.... ask any of these kids...  they all did an awesome job!

 Sun painting
 Sun Painting
 Sun Paining
 Sun Painting

 Learning to card wool on a drum carder

 Ice Dyeing
 Ice Dyeing
 Ice Dyeing
 Rinsing Ice dyeing

 Rock Felting
 Early stages of  rock felting
 Ice Dyeing
 Rock felted Snowman

Needle felted butterly
 Felted Rock Santa
 Felted Rock Panda

 A darling purse made from sun painted fabric

 Our tie dyed sock drying tree

 Using Sharpies and rubbing alcohol

 Rock Felting... this was so coo,l!!

 Adding extra "bling" to our dyed fabric

 Needle felting

 Showing off a sun painted t-shirt, a scarf and a purse
 The girls are learning to needle felt

 This was done with Setacolor Sun painting

This was a piece of ice dyeing

We created Journals with notes about our process and pictures of what we did.

 This project was done with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol