Monday, October 28, 2013

Candy corn proportions

Class this week was about proportion.  Because I always promise the kids art class isn't school we used candy corn to figure our proportions.  First we ate all the broken ones.  Then we found about a dozen that were close to the same size.  We nibbled some to make them exact.  The kids had a picture of a group of ghosts and we laid out candy corn in rows to see how many "kernels" was the tallest one, the middle one, the shortest one, etc.  How many times taller was the tallest guy than the shortest guy.... in candy corn kernels of course. We used oil pastels and construction paper to create scenes of ghostly trick-or-treaters.  We started by drawing the house and the deal was.... the ghosts had to be the right proportion to the house.  Could the ghost walk up the stairs and into the house?  Too big?  Too small?  We used candy corn to measure the relationships.  Fun class, but I've had more than enough candy corn for this year!

Distance Perspective

This week in art class we talked about "distance perspective".  How things near the bottom of a picture seem closer and are almost always larger.  Things far away are closer to the top of the picture and much smaller.  Below are examples of how kids drew spooky houses and scary pumpkins.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Shading Review

We are back in class!  Recently students reviewed pencils and shading tools.
Here are our results.